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Acer Iconia W510: Light With a Bit of Might

A slim and light Windows 8 tablet perfect for casual computing
by jess lopez | May 24, 2013
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Ladies and gents, here's the new Acer Iconia W510, a device that has the looks of a tablet but the capabilities of a PC!

This sleek-looking gadget will give you the full Windows 8 experience. Think about it. You can install your frequently used Windows programs (e.g. Word, Excel, Powerpoint), store your "secret multimedia files" in a tablet and carry them around with you. Now, who can blame us for being excited, right?


Weight-conscious tablet

acer iconia w510 windows 8 tablet reviewThe color expert in us thinks the black-white combi works!

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Tablets with screen sizes larger than eight inches usually feel a bit bulky. True, a lot of 'em are slim but since they are closer to the smallest laptops in terms of display real-estate, it feels like you're almost carrying a laptop minus a screen.

Ibahin ninyo ang Iconia W510. This 10.1-inch tablet gets extra pogi points for portability. It's quite thin and light, at roughly 566 grams and just under 9mm thick. You can put it in your backpack or even your man-purse and forget about it (but don't forget about it too much).

acer iconia w510 windows 8 tablet reviewLooking all slim and shiny there...

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The tradeoff for its lightness is the plasticky feel, from the matte silver back to the white accents. Also, you’ll feel a bit of a flex when you press down on the tablet. And if you summon your inner Hulk, it feels like you can break it in half. Bad news for buff daddies, we assume.

It’s a touchy subject

If you look up the Iconia W510 online, it is usually accompanied by a keyboard accessory. The review unit we got sadly was tablet-only, so we can’t talk about any added functionalities the dock can provide (such as extending its already good battery life, more on that later).

acer iconia w510 windows 8 tablet reviewAlso called Game of Moans *wink*

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Having that out of the way, viewing things on the HD Acer CineCrystal display was more or less a pleasant experience. It’s not of the Retina Display quality Apple fan boys rave over or Super AMOLED that Android/Samsung worshippers claim to be the best, but it does have a pretty good display on it.

It isn’t Full HD either, with a 1,366 x 768-pixel resolution, but it still has some great viewing angles. Images came out with sakto brightness (read: not too bright that those near you will think you're opening a magic box, and not too dim that you'll have to squint to see anything) and crisp colors. 

But we do have a beef (mmm...beef) with the Gorilla Glass-protected touchscreen: It's not responsive or accurate enough at times, which resulted in a few poke-athons. We even had to select the icons off-center a few times in order to click on them properly. It’s particularly frustrating tapping on items in desktop mode because they tend to be on the smaller side, but this is probably more of an issue with the OS than with the hardware.

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NEXT: Stick it in! The W510 has plenty of holes for your external devices!

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