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Acer K 10

<p>A theatre in your pocket</p>
| May 21, 2009
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Comparing the ultra-portable Acer K10 with other digital projectors in the market is like comparing a boombox to your iPod. While the Acer K10 is a digital projector, it is of a different technology. With a size of, say, four CD jewel cases piled on top of each other, Acer prioritized the user’s convenience over everything else.

Unlike most digital projectors that are powered by conventional halogen or mercury lamp (and need a lot of heat to produce an image), the K10, doesn’t use a lamp. The light comes from a bright LED source that generates little heat hence, it is more efficient in converting power to light.

The K10 is noticeably less bright than a typical digital projector. It struggles a bit with dark scenes but the images it produces is still rather clean and suffers very little shimmer on moving images. Dim your lights instead to produce a starker, better image.

In all, the K10 is still usable as a TV or movie projector. It comes with a standard camera tripod mount underneath, so with a telescopic tripod you can set it up almost anywhere. Pegged at P 22,800, this convenient tool is best for small-audience presentations and ideal for anybody needing to do a quick presentation at a meeting, or a sudden movie marathon at home. - Marc Celis

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