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Say What: Introducing the Adidas MiCoach SPEED_CELL

Better, faster, stronger the adidas way
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 9, 2012
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So two days ago we gave you a glimpse of Derrick Rose’s new kicks, the adiZero Rose 2.5. It’s a cool shoe, boasting fancy shoe-tech like SPRINTFRAME, SPRINTWEB, and GEOFIT. Damn boots even have a map of Mr. MVP’s Englewood hometown.

Even cooler is that it’s designed to house adidas’ little new doohickey: the adidas MiCoach SPEED_CELL. Pull out the shoe’s sock liner, and you’ll find a slot in the bottom where the module can be inserted. adidas is rolling out a series of compatible footwear across different sports, and Rose’s signature kicks is one of them.

Now, you’re probably thinking, oh cool, do I get to jump higher now? Yes and no. No, because this isn’t something out of Inspector Gadget’s trench coat. Yes, because it might just help you train better.

The SPEED_CELL keeps track of your athletic performance and “captures 360° movement and measures key performance metrics including speed, average speed (recorded every second), maximum speed (recorded every five seconds), number of sprints, distance, distance at high intensity levels, steps and stride rates.” The module collects the data, which can then be transmitted to your PC, MAC, tablet, or smartphone.  

With those numbers, now it’s easier to settle once and for all just who’s fastest amongst your friends. And not just your friends. The data is uploaded to your miCoach profile at the adidas miCoach website where you can compare with literally the best athletes in the world, Derrick Rose included.

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You can even earn awards and virtual medals for accomplishing tasks—reaching a certain maximum speed, for example. And as you know, medals, virtual or not, are always a motivation. Let miCoach connect to your social networks too so you can show the world how big a stud you are, you stud.

The collected data can be assigned to a specific sport. In basketball, it keeps tracks of how many fast breaks you do in a game, how active you are, and also breaks down your activity according to intensity. It shows when you’re merely jogging, doing a light run, or all-out sprinting. The amount of calories you burn and the distance you’ve run are also displayed.

As you can see, the SPEED_CELL helps you analyze your performance, so you can set higher benchmarks for yourself. To quote motivational speakers the world over, just keep at it, and maybe then you’ll jump higher and run faster.

The adidas SPEED_CELL is now available at sporting outlets for 3,995 pesos. Check out adidas Philippines' Facebook page for additional info.

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