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AKG Y50: Not Just Another Handsome Pair Of Brightly-Colored Cans

Our 'Let it Go' soundtrip sessions with it told us why this AKG headphones is pretty special.
by Khyne Palumar | Dec 20, 2014
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Sure, your basic earphones will win the portability battle for squeezing into your front maong pockets in a zip. But the loud and bright, almost taxi-cab colored AKG Y50 doesn’t look like it was built to hide in your pants in the first place.


akg y50 review philippines

Those big AKG letters printed on the earcups may or may not be too papansin for you either. But, whatever. What's really important are the features and, just like in bed, the performance, right? Well, we can tell you about that after it did a bit of sitting on our ears. So here’s why we think you’ll use it anyway even if you despise gadgets with loud colors...


akg y50 review philippines

Punchy on the bass, clear on the voice, strong with the treble—this much sound quality we gathered just by listening to “Let it Go."

akg y50 review philippinesGIF via

Don't judge us please...just imagine the audiogasms you’d have if your playlist was waaay cooler! As expected, the 60-plus-year-old Austrian audio equipment maker has got their signature sound down pat.


akg y50 review philippines

Big deal, malambot sa tenga. But the details are what gets to us. Like how it adjusts to individual ear shapes so your ears don’t feel too cramped—and if only for the headband, you’d forget you were even wearing it. Nevermind that the memory foams are also wrapped in leather.

akg y50 review philippines

To give you an idea, other headphones had our ears calling for a break after an hour or two of non-stop use. This baby? We'll wear it in bed and we'll doze off as if we're not wearing anything at all. That's how comfy the Y50 is!


Not literally, of course (if that's the case then we'd have to proclaim it as the bestest of all time!).

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akg y50 review philippines

Two things: ambient noise cancelling and, well, its bright yellow. You don’t need an earbud crammed inside your inner ear to tune out outside noise. The Y50 can tune in to your favorite noise while tuning out your least favorite ones—everyone from an angry woman to your boss (just know that there will be consequences). Also, it’s yellow and impossible to miss, so they should get the picture.


akg y50 review philippines

The 1.2 meter inline cable detaches at a pull. The same cable also has a built-in mic for all kinds of hands-free smartphone use, so you can switch from listening to, say, your fave emo hits to listening to your girlfriend who's laying the verbal smackdown on you because you're late again.

Again, we'd really recommend it that you update your playlist if you want to really bring out this pair's potential.


akg y50 review philippines

We're not about to say you can drop or scratch it intentionally, but if ever you accidentally do, know that its tough metallic exterior is durable enough to take the pain.


"Good" means it's not really clunky or heavy like most of its kind.

akg y50 review philippines

Weighing only 190kg, the Y50 won't make your head feel like it's carrying a heavy burden. Its headbands won’t fold, but the earcups can swivel at an axis. It also comes with a nice travel bag made of neoprene to prevent scuffing. Outside portability, we forget why earbuds are even a thing anymore.

The AKG Y50 is now available via Lazada for P5,000

Photography Neps Firmalan
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