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Album Review: Take Care by Drake

At the forefront of the hiphop renaissance
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 24, 2011
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There's the self-indulgent, but still dynamic collaboration of Jay-Z and Kanye in Watch the Throne. And then there's the new one from Rhianna, Talk That Talk. Obviously, hip-hop nation is alive. And fucking well; Gone are the days when hip-hop was simply about gang-banging, drive-bys, and hooking up with them nasty ho’s–well. The genre has evolved, capitalizing on the glitz and glam and harnessing its own self-awareness and putting it on the forefront of their music.

Canadian rap-crooner Drake’s sophomore album, Take Care, is a fluent representation of this generation’s understanding of mainstream hip-hop: no longer just about getting out of the ghetto, but making one’s presence known in a world obsessed with the Internet, celebrity and God damn it, too much TV!

The album opens with “Over My Dead Body” and immediately the lo-fi vibe sets the tone for something much more sentimental and sincere. But as soon as Drake chimes in, his rap lyrics are profane and unapologetic. “I think I killed everybody in the game last year, man/Fuck it I was on though…Shout out all to all my niggas living tax free/Now-a-days its six figures when they tax me”–that self-awareness permeating through his stoic rhymes. There’s something dark and dreary that lingers when he raps about survival as ghostly voices color the background.

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