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Alcatel OneTouch Scribe HD: 6 Reasons Why We're Impressed

Our review tells us it's one impressive device!
by Neps Firmalan | Jun 26, 2013
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Fellas, here's the OneTouch Scribe HD, one of the latest offerings from Alcatel. Look at how hella large it is; it makes our fingers look puny. Size matters, right?

alcatel onetouch scribe hd review philippines
But is being big the only thing going for it? Based on our time playing around with the Scribe, we'd say: NO, it isn't just big. The OneTouch Scribe HD boasts features that can make you loosen up your hold on that man-purse, just so you could add it to your gadgets collection.

Do we hear a "Weh, 'di nga?" Scroll down below for our six reasons why we're impressed with the OneTouch!

1. Looks good, feels good

The OneTouch Scribe HD has a 5-inch touchscreen, which is big enough for it to be called a phablet. Despite that, it maintains a slim bod (at just 8.99mm thick) making it easy to slip into your jeans' pocket. The glossy smooth front side and gentle curves remind us of a posh new sports car. 

alcatel onetouch scribe hd review philippines
Its rubberized back side allows for ample grip, and gives the phone a sense of durability. For something that looks thin and fragile, its solid build is a pleasant surprise.

2. Like a mini-HDTV

Not just big, the screen is also gorgeous, with an HD resolution of 720x1280. Those selfies, games, or party vids you took of your friends getting hammered? You can enjoy them in Hi-Def awesomeness even if you don't connect the device to a big-ass HDTV.

alcatel onetouch scribe hd review philippines
The top-notch visuals will solicit ooohs and aaahs, but hardcore techies will appreciate the OneTouch Scribe HD's tough display. Alcatel slapped this one with Dragontrail Glass protection, which is another way of saying that it can take on pointy objects and survive with nary a scratch. It's also equipped with IPS, or in-plane switching, tech for crisp viewing from wider angles.

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