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Alcatel's new OT-985N Blaze is another dual-SIM Android phone

Retails for P7,999
by Neps Firmalan | May 17, 2012
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Dual-SIM Android phones are not exactly common, but that doesn't mean there's no demand. In fact, we've just got word that Alcatel has unleashed another such handset, the OT-985N Blaze, which is like a slightly beefed-up version of the OT Blaze Glory X 918N which was launched back in March.

In terms of looks, the OT-985N Blaze could be described as the OT Blaze Glory X 918N's twin although this one sports a better-looking Home button as well as what looks to be a rubberized back cover. And, just like the latter, it also sports a 650MHz processor, Android Gingerbread, and Bluetooth 3.0. However, the OT-985N Blaze comes with a larger 3.5-inch touchscreen and a 5-megapixel main camera. Wireless connectivity via 3G and Wi-Fi is also part of the mix as well.

With those improvements, it is no surprise that the OT-985N Blaze is more expensive at P7,999 (the OT Blaze Glory X 918N retails for P6,199). We'll see if the almost P2,000 increase is justified. In the meantime, you could check out the gallery below for photos of the OT Blaze Glory X 918N.

WORDS BY Neps Firmalan
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