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All the Games We Want for Christmas
Pause real life, and game on!
by Gelo Gonzales | Dec 21, 2012
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Another year's worth of video games has passed us by, while we edge ever closer to the next generation of consoles. It’s been loads of good gaming though and Christmas time just so happens to be the perfect time to catch up on it. You still have cash. You have extra free days to spare. And you're not expected to exercise because it's the holidays—everybody is supposed to get fat.

So plop down with us on the sofa and join us as get our grubby paws on the titles that we may have missed but shouldn't have! Puyatan na!

Pow! Biff! Sock!

Soul Calibur V    
Release date: January 31
Project Soul; Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
Why it’s good: When beating up on each other with just your hands and feet isn’t doing it for you, load up the premiere weapons-based fighter game around.

Dead or Alive 5
September 25
Team Ninja; Tecmo Koei
Breast physics. Easy and fun rock-paper-scissors battling that doesn’t need frame counting precision. Did we mention the breast physics?

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale
November 20
SuperBot Entertainment and SCE Santa Monica Studio; Sony Computer Entertainment America
Let’s try to talk about PASBR without comparing it to Super Smash Bros. There, we failed, so now we can talk about what it is: a genuinely fun pick-up-and-play romp to be shared with three of your best buds.


Save the universe/Sanctuary/your sister/etc.

Final Fantasy XIII-2
Jan 31
Square Enix
Not as OTT as the last direct Final Fantasy sequel, XIII-2 attempts to fix the problems of its predecessor and largely succeeds. Also: towns.

Mass Effect 3
March 6
Bioware; Electronic Arts
The big (and controversial) end to what has become one of the most important sci-fi games of this generation. Finish it then make a new character and do it all over again.

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