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7 Tricks You Need To Master To Fully Enjoy The iOS 10 Experience

Here's the only iOS 10 proficiency guide you must memorize—guaranteed migraine-proof
by Tanya Umali | Sep 22, 2016
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Upgrading your iPhone to iOS 10 can be cool and all, but it doesn't spare you from the accompanying headache-inducing blues. Already, the web is abuzz with stories about Apple believers griping about the confusion the new operating system has caused. Good thing there are pain-free ways to deal with the kinks. So, here's our 100-percent migraine-proof tips to help you adjust to this much-ballyhooed update:

1) Make use of the 'kill apps' option
This is something you can't do with iOS 9 so better make the most of this option. Your reward: more precious space to accommodate apps that you actually use. You can also clear battery-draining apps all at the same time instead of one by one like in the previous iOS. 

2) Find your song
If you used to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access go-to grooves, now you have to swipe up then left to listen to your favorite song. The first page is reserved for Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, Volume, AirPlay, AirDrop, Flashlight, Clock, Calculator, Camera quick access, and the new Night Shift color mode; you'll find your music on the second page.  

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3) Snap photos easily
It was fairly easy to get to the camera with the previous iOS version, but iOS 10 made it easier for you to get that perfect selfie by swiping left anywhere on the lock screen.


4) Make your messages livelier with emojis
You might think that previous iOS version already had this, but iOS 10 offers a new twist. If you type a text, iMessages will highlight the words with an emoji equivalent. You'll know it when the text glows an orangey red. Tap it and voila! Instant emoji text. There's also an invisible ink option where the recipient has to "scratch" the message on screen to see what it says. 

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5) Lift your phone to wake it up
Instead of the tedious process of unlocking your screen to see all your notifications, now you can just lift it up. You can do this by going to Settings >Display and Brightness>Raise to Wake. However, this only works for iPhone 6s, SE, and 7. 

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6) Make group notes
This option is perfect for school or office activities, especially for group presentations and class notes. In iOS 10, you can invite other iOS 10 users to edit notes through the Share function. It will send invites to chosen people via Twitter or email or other methods.

7) Press home to open or Rest finger to open
Older iPhones upgraded to iOS 10 require you to fully push the Home Button instead of just putting your finger on the Touch ID like it used to be on the iOS 9. If you want to disable this feature, go to Settings>General>Accessibility>Home Button and select "Rest Finger to Open." You'll see that the Home button will go back tohow it used to be. 

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