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Android activations now up to 900,000 a day - Google's Andy Rubin

Next target: 1 million
by Neps Firmalan | Jun 11, 2012
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Android has come a long, long way, yes it is. From being a fledgling mobile platform a few years back, we're now hearing that up to 900,000 devices based on Google's pet OS are being activated a day. Wow, just wow.

The figure was spilled by the Senior Vice President of Mobile of Google, Andy Rubin. Putting things in perspective, that points to about 625 activations every 60 seconds. And this seems to reflect only new and unique devices which means "reactivations" are not part of the equation. This comes after a statement that 850,000 devices were being activated earlier this year. However, the rate of increase is a lot slower compared to last year's. This might mean Android is now about to plateau as far as activations go but hey, that shouldn't make this feat less impressive.

With the Android march still going strong, we're inclined to think getting to 1 million is just a matter of time. Sure, as we've said, the rise might be slowing down, but we still think this is in the bag for the little green alien. Makes you think predictions like this one is as good as done.

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