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Android and Motorola teams not really friends yet?

Well, that's weird.
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 1, 2012
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We all know that Google is in the process of acquiring Motorola, but what we didn't know is that there's not a lot of love between the Android and Moto teams. Android co-founder and Google's Vice President for Mobile Andy Rubin claims that he "doesn't even know who's running it." Whether it was to dodge reporters at the Mobile World Congress or a genuine statement of nonchalance, it goes back to Google's  agenda on why it bought Motorola in the first place.

When asked if other Google partners like Samsung and LG would take a back seat to Android OS rollouts, Rubin says that because the platform is open-source, it makes it "physically difficult for [him] to advantage somebody." He was also quoted to say that Google "literally built a firewall" between the Android team and Motorola and that "they are going to continue building Motorola branded devices and it's going to be the same team doing it ... They're separate from me, and I'm going to continue to do my thing."

Bizarre revelations over at Mobile World Congress. First it was Samsung admitting that they were failing in the tablet market and now this. Is there truth serum in Barcelona's water? Seriously.

If Google is going to keep Android and Motorola separate for now, it's slowly coming to light that they bought the brand not for its cutting-edge tech, but more for its patent collection. No surprises there. As one of the pioneers in mobile telecommunications, Motorola has close to 15,000 patents for its technology accumulated since the early 1930s.

How Google plans to run Motorola as an independent company is beyond us. We just hope that, for the sake of the (tech) world, the partnership will produce innovations that will be a boon to the whole industry and consumers, and not just mere weapons for use in court battles .

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