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Android L: A Sneak Peek (A.K.A. The 6 Things You Should Know About It)

It's still under wraps, but we managed to score a few noteworthy details about it. Read on to see how the next major version of Android will be like!
by neps | Jul 2, 2014
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In the recently concluded Google I/O conference, two things were made very clear:

  1. Smartwatches are awesome
  2. The next version of Android is coming

We've talked about (and drooled after) the first one. The other? Let's just say that it's still a mysterious software beast at this point. Heck, the whole tech world is still clueless on what it will be officially called with Google only giving it the codename "L."

android lWe'd so upgrade to this

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But unlike that long-necked monster that has been lounging around the Loch Ness river or Lolong's supposedly bigger and meaner bro, it's confirmed to be real and it's coming to smartphones soon. And despite the thick kumot of mystery covering it, we actually already have a few buzz-worthy details about itall thanks to Google being such a big tease.

Geeks, here's a glimpse at your handset's potential future, a.k.a. the things that will spark another hot round of the never-ending and always smoldering iOS vs. Android debate!


android l(Image via:

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Before you think of something along the lines of kinky phone sex scandals, this is actually a feature that will give you a bit of peace and quiet. The "Do not disturb" feature blocks different kinds of alerts and notifications (e.g. incoming calls and text messages).

You can also customize it to allow only specific people to bother you, as well as set how long you want your phone to essentially keep quiet. It's practically the virtual counterpart of the "Do Not Disturb" door mark that has been saving couples from unwelcomed knocks while they're busy doing you know what.


android l(Image via

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Not "die" as in go to gadget heaven, but "die" as in being battery-dead. Apparently, the next version of Android can give you an estimate of how much time your phone has before it begs for the charger, like how a laptop gives you an idea about how much juice it has left. Going further, it will also tell you how long before your handset becomes fully charged when it's plugged in. Hey Google! This better be accurate, okay? Ayaw namin ng paasa.


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