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Android now commands 59% of the global smartphone market - IDC

The march is not slowing down
by Neps Firmalan | May 25, 2012
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Looks like the Android march is chugging along just fine as a recent report states that Google's mobile OS now has 59% of the global smartphone market. We'd like to say congratulations to the little green robo/alien who's likely wearing a wide smile right now. See IDC's chart below. 


That's certainly a big jump from last year's first quarter figure for Android which stood at 36.1%. Obviously, iOS via the iPhone is still sitting pretty on second place, good for 23%. Combine the two and you'll know why we've been saying the whole smartphone wars is almost like an iOS-Android affair. As for the former king of the arena, Symbian now commands just 6.8% of the market, down big time from 26% in Q1 2011. And RIM's BlackBerry is feeling the heat, too, as it now holds only 6.4%, a fall from its double digit standing last year.

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How about Windows Phone/Windows Mobile, you ask? Well, it's just 2.2%, a slight drop from the 2.6% share it held in the same time frame last year. Yep, Nokia's Lumia range has its work cut out for it. We guess its safe to say that, for now and the very near future, it will be Android, iOS, and the rest unless something big, and we mean BIG, comes up, which we're not betting on.

WORDS BY Neps Firmalan
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