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Android or iOS?!

Which side are you on?
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 5, 2012
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Android vs. iOS, it's the La Salle vs. Ateneo of the smartphone wars. On one side, you have the little green alien powered by Google and on the other you have the platform that powers Apple's premium mobile gadgets. So why is this rivalry so popular? Here are 10 reasons.

1.) Backed by giants

Well, it's almost like Google and Apple going up against each other. Google is the number one search-engine, Apple is the maker of possibly the most popular smartphone ever. Both have the moolah and the resources to fuel their campaigns in the mobile phone space. And it also helps, of course, that even non-geeks know both companies.

2.) Elite vs. masa

Androids go for as cheap as P3,000. Heck, we've seen tricycle drivers sport one! The iPhone, meanwhile, has been associated with classy coffee-sippin' creatives. This is why we think there's a brewing elitist vs masa appeal here which, in turn, gives more color to the whole issue.

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3.) Tech icons

If Apple has the late Steve Jobs, Google has the dynamic duo of Larry Page and Sergey Brin who founded the gargantuan search-engine back in the 90s. Thanks, in part, to these tech icons, both Google and Apple have tons of followers who eagerly root for the products they make.

4.) Fanboyism

Android and iOS fanboys are the tech world's counterparts of rabid rockstar groupies. You see them in forums, tech sites, and discussion boards, dissing each other to prove one is better than the other. They may be close-minded but, you have to admit, seeing them bash each other out to oblivion is pure entertainment!

5.) Apps race

Apps add a lot of spice to the whole smartphone experience. Just ask Instagram and Angry Birds users. This is why both iOS and Android have them in truckloads. So, who has more? iOS at almost 700,000 but the younger Android is not far behind, closing in on the 500,000 mark. With the number of apps increasing daily, the race is bound to get even tighter.

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6.) Courtroom stand-off

Apple and Android manufacturers like Samsung and HTC have been very busy in bringing the fight to the courtroom, accusing rival camps of stealing/copying designs and patents. Judges have ruled in favor of both sides and the buzz generated by the legal battles have made both Android and Apple appear on tech headlines, even if they're not spewing updates or new products.

7.) Social media buzz

Thanks to the likes of Facebook and Twitter, more and more are getting the latest news on the Android vs iOS wars. We're pretty sure you've seen a post on why one is better than the other pop up in your news feed recently.

8.) Flagship battle

Just like basketball teams, each side has its own superstar. iOS has the latest iPhone 4S while Android boasts handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S III and the HTC One X. Each has top-notch hardware and will draw fans rooting for their pambato in the "what's the best" debate.

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9.) Non-stop marketing

Drive along EDSA, how many smartphone billboards will you see? Several. Check tech sites, mags, and even newspapers, there's bound to be a big number of marketing materials proclaiming a certain smartphone is the best on them, too. It's this constant marketing that never fails to put the spotlight on Android and iOS devices, even if we're starting to get tired of it.

10.) Closed vs. open

Apple controls the updates and, to a certain extent, the stuff that goes into your iOS device to ensure quality. This somehow reminds us of how our parents are with our baon. Android, on the other hand, offers more freedom both for users and manufacturers. Which approach is better? We don't know. What we're sure of is that question creates more buzz for the whole iOS vs. Android debate.

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