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Maangas Devices For The Modern-Day Andres Bonifacio
Macho, useful, and modern tools that fit the Supremo's needs
by Neps Firmalan | Nov 30, 2012
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He's "the great plebeian," the father of the Katipunan, and one of the poster boys of local history books. His name is Andres Bonifacio and today, the 30th of November, we celebrate his epic greatness that propelled him to the top of our Bayani Pantheon.

We've re-imagined him as the ultimate pinoy superhero. Now, we put our thinking caps to work mode and see the angas weapons and devices that would be worthy of his presence. Because, while bolos and itaks might be badass, let's face it, in today's world's, they just won't cut it.

1. Woodman's Pal Machete

Angas factor: A multi-purpose knife that does a little bit of everything. This one can function as an axe, hatchet, knife, and even a pruning saw. It's sort of the jack of all trades of machetes.

Why the Supremo would use it:
One word: versatility. Two words: Sharp edges.

2. Sony Cyber-shot TX20

Angas factor:
Shoots great photos, captures vids in HD glory, even underwater. Aside from that, it's one tough little cookie, too, being dust-resistant and shockproof.

Why the Supremo would use it:
He needs something very durable to assist him in his surveillance aka spy missions, and the TX20 is a great candidate since it functions very well even in a harsh environment, which someone like Ka Andres will encounter frequently.

3. A megaphone

Angas factor:
A mind-blowingly loud instrument, the megaphone is a device that's perfect for addressing large crowds, i.e. when announcing your arrival.

Why the Supremo would use it
: In organzing a large troop, your voice, even if it's as loud and deep as the Pacific Ocean, will be useless. Mamamaos ka lang. That's why we think the megaphone will come in handy for Andres Bonifacio's endeavors. Plus, it can provide an extra bang (literally) when he's attacking the enemy. Imagine him saying, "Sugod mga kapatid!" with it.

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4. Google Glasses

Angas factor:
Google Glasses, aka Project Glass, displays lots of types of info into the lens of your eyewear, much like how a smartphone does. It also comes with augmented reality options for displaying more content when you gaze upon something AR-activated (i.e. photos, posters, labels). Plus, it's a hands-free device that's also voice-controlled for added convenience. In other words, it's your shades gone futuristic.

Why the Supremo would use it:
Google Glasses could come in handy for terrain navigation via Google Maps or weather assesment when, say, he's in scouting duty or searching for another secret location to rally his new-age katipuneros.

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