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Anonymous and LulzSec head hacker betrays group to FBI

We didn't expect that at all
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 9, 2012
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Remember Anonymous and LulzSec? These two groups who have gained notoriety in the virtual and real world as pesky DDoS attack instigators, not to mention their 'death to Facebook' declaration. Turns out, they're not as big in the real world and they certainly do not hide behind biometrics-protected doors. 

28-year-old Hector Monsegur, otherwise known in as 'Sabu' in hacktivist circles, was the supposed mastermind in online attacks against the big government agencies like the CIA and FBI and corporations like Sony. He's a bigshot in the virtual world, but in reality he's unemployed, lives in a Manhattan housing project, has two kids to take care of and his neighbors apparently hate him if Gizmodo is to be believed.

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The story is that someone dropped his name to the Feds. They paid him a "visit" and him, possibly being paranoid as to who gave him up, started giving the others up in return. Wow, we thought loyalty was enough to feed the movement. 

In addition to making embarrassing kiss faces at the camera, Sabu has apparently been cooperating with the FBI for nine months, long enough to gather information about fellow hackers, name them, and annoy his neighbors with noise in the process. We have to hand it to him, he's one hell of a multitasker.

Anonymous has responded to the outing by Sabu in, strangely enough, a hacked website of antivirus firm Panda Security that reads:

“Yeah yeah, we know, Sabu snitched on us. As usually happens FBI menaced him to take his sons away. We understand, but we were your family too. (Remember what you liked to say?)...It’s sad and we can’t imagine how it feels having to look at the mirror each morning and see there the guy who shopped their friends to police.”

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Yeah, they're not to happy about that, but at least they've got the duck impersonation photo (above) to remember him by. Wonder how it would go down if this happened in the Philippines? We've got some hacker reputation as well, just see the gallery below.

WORDS BY Neps Firmalan
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