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Mar 26, 2014
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The 2014 superphone wars is really heating up, big time! Fellas, we introduce you to the HTC One 2014! Take a look at the beaut below!


In case you didn't know, the One 2014 is the highly-anticipated follow-up to the HTC One from last year (hence, the name). This also means one glorious fact: This Android beast also has a bunch of nice upgrades over its still-powerful predecessor! On top of the list is a faster quad-core processor, a larger, Full HD display (5-inch vs 4.7-inch), and a front cam with more megapixels (5-megapixels vs 2.1-megapixels).

HTC also claims that their latest and greatest will be able to last 40% longer in terms of battery life compared to last year's version, thanks to a large 2,600mAh power pack. In a land where many Androids can barely chug along for a day, that's a biggie!

htc one 2014

Speaking of biggie, the new HTC One comes with a really unusual camera setup. At the back is a 4-ultrapixel (ultrapixel is a feature which enables much better low-light shooting) cam that's paired with a smaller 2-megapixel shooter. This tandem, according to HTC, brings depth and details to your photos. As for us, we'd like to test it out other than for taking selfies, like taking "sniper" shots of our crush from a distance, and see how clear and detailed they are.

As expected, you'll also get 4G LTE connectivity for blazing-fast mobile surfing at up to 40Mbps and beyond. Of course, Wi-Fi, 3G, and Bluetooth are part of the mix as well.

So, how much for this next-gen mother? Mum's still the word in terms of pricing, although it has been announced that it will be available in the US of A at the end of April. For us here in Pinas, we're expecting it to arrive here in mid-year (around June), hopefully with a price tag that's makalaglag panga, in a good way.