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Mar 21, 2014
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Yes, you read that right and no, this isn't a premature April Fool's joke: Flappy Bird is indeed coming back!

The news came in the form of a simple tweet reply from the game's creator, Dong Nguyen, to a Twitter user who asked him if the game will return. Here's the brief exchange:

flappy bird return

Can't get much more legit than that. For those spared from the Flappy Bird madness, it first emerged in May last year. Then, at the beginning of this year, it gained huge popularity and steamrolled its way to become the numero uno app on iTunes in early February.


The game revolves around a lone birdie which the player has to maneuver through gaps between green pipes like the ones found in Super Mario by tapping on the screen. The more pipes you go through, the higher your score. And...that's it! Sounds easy enough? Believe usit's effin' not!

It's still a bit of mystery why it became so utterly patok despite its crappy graphics and hard gameplay. Our theory though is all about the users getting mad at the game's difficulty so they're aiming to beat it not for fun but bloody revenge! But that's just us (and our failure to get past five points).

Then, just when Flappy Bird was gaining momentum, Dong Nguyen announced he was pulling the plug on the game. The reason? Apparently, Flappy Bird's addictive nature was already putting too much pressure on him. Then, on February 9, it happened. Flappy Bird went kaput. Sayang, since the game was reportedly earning around $50,000 (over P2.2 million) in ad revenue daily.

flappy bird return

But that's all behind us now; what's important is the game's coming back! When exactly? That's another mystery. Mr. Nguyen says he'll release it "when he's done." It looks like he's working on the game. We don't know about you but we're smelling improvements and hopefully better visuals!

flappy bird returns

For now, let's just wait a bit. If you're too atat, then try these Flappy Bird alternatives. Or Pugo, the Pinoy version of the game which didn't make us scream curses as much.