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Oct 30, 2014
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In a sea of instant-messaging apps, it certainly pays to stand out. Take the app below for example; it turns your chat messages into hilarious comic strips! Definitely app-rub!

As you just saw, comiXchat isn't your everyday IM app. It basically adds a heap of entertainment value to your otherwise oh-so-boring virtual balitaktakan by putting the messages inside speech bubbles as if they're part of a running conversation in a comic book!

Here's an example:


According to comixchat's creator, Australian-based company Nubis Technology, the illustrations were hand-drawn and are automatically generated in real-time. And there's a bit of AI in the mix, too. This report from The Next Web states that the app studies the tone, location, and context of the messages to create comic strips that are, in local parlance, bagay for the conversation.

For a more personalized twist, users can select from a set of available characters their avatar and change it anytime. There are also several backgrounds to choose from as well as emoticons which are incorporated into the avatar's facial expressions. You could even send and share the comic strips on social media sites because, well, you'd definitely want to.


And because we're suckers for Filipino pride, trivia time! One of the developers behind comixchat is a kababayan, and his name is Dom Valladolid. Gudjab, bro!

Right now, the comic strips are in black-and-white, and we're sincerely hoping colored illustrations will be part of the mix in the near future. You know what would be more awesome? Adding legendary Pinoy characters such as Asiong Salonga and Panday or Marvel characters to the pool of available avatars! #MakeItHappen!

Still, it's already awesome as it is. If you want to get in on the comic-flavored IM fun, comixchat is now available for free on Google Play, iTunes, and the Windows Phone app store. DL na!