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Apparently, AirPods Aren't All That Bad

You could actually like Apple's latest earbuds
by Tanya Umali | Oct 2, 2016
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People weren't too impressed when Apple introduced the AirPods. They were concerned that the miniscule size and lack of wires would make it susceptible to getting lost somewhere. People were also pretty disappointed with the fact that their beloved 3.5mm headphones were rendered useless now that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus completely ditched the jack.

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AirPods aren't all that terrible as everyone dismisses it to be, though. We won't know for sure since its release won't be until this month. What we have now are the details from Apple's keynote event earlier this month, which pretty much give us an idea of its advantages.

1) Being Bluetooth-ready makes it compatible with other brands
Albeit a bit self-defeating, this particular feature makes the brand accessible to non-Apple users. Simply press the button at the back of the AirPod charging case to turn it on.

iPhone pairing is easier due to the tech
The W1 chip embedded in the Airpods is designed to detect your unit when it's near. It can also tell your iPhone if you're only wearing one of the earbuds.

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3) Works individually
Listening doesn't have to be in both ears. Activate either only the left or right earpiece and you're good to go. Lose one of the two and you have the option to buy the lost article instead of the whole set.

4) Sweatproof

Don't worry; excessive perspiration from intense jogging will not damage your AirPods. Just don't take them out for a swim. Though the latest mobile phone models are both waterproof, the headset doesn't have the same quality (yet).


5) Siri-enabled
Siri has been the assistant of every iPhone user and that little voice in you phone is compatible with the AirPods. Double tap on either side of the device to activate and talk to Siri.

6) It can sense when you wear and remove them

Apple integrated an optical sensor that can detect if you're using the device. Once you take them off, the song you're currently listening to will automatically pause.

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