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Apple's Mega Ugrade: Goodbye Auto-Correct Fails And 7 Other iOS 8 Features

Apple's iOS 8 is now official! The latest and greatest version of Apple's mobile platform sure has the goods to impress. Here are some of its best features...
by Neps Firmalan | Jun 4, 2014
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Apple just dropped a big pasabog in the form of the all-new iOS 8 mobile platform, much to the delight of the company’s hordes of Starbucks coffee guzzling hipster iPhone- and iPad-toting patrons.

So, what’s the deal with iOS 8? As expected from a fresh-off-the-oven software, it has a bunch of features that aim to improve the Apple mobile user experience. Its filled with the kind of tech that could make those on rival operating systems jump ship, adding more fuel to the already fiery techie debate known as The Great Android Vs. iOS War.

We picked eight of iOS 8’s best features here, the ones that even the late Steve Jobs would be really proud of. Check them out below!


ios 8 features

Because today’s smartphones have a battery life that’s reminiscent of how long many of us last in bed (ouch!), iOS 8 has incorporated a small yet highly useful update on the battery app: It now lets you view how much juice individual apps are using! Sure, it won’t directly extend battery life, but at least you’ll know what apps to kill if you want some precious extra time with your iPhone or iPad.


ios 8 features

Predictive text input is so 2005, but the iOS 8’s version, called QuickType, looks impressive. Aside from guessing the word you’re typing, it also learns your typing habits and conforms to the context of the message.

For example, you’re texting your jowa, QuickType will suggest the words you often use in your messages to her. The same goes for texting your work bros, or even your mom or pops. In other words, it’s now waaay more accurate!

Our only beef with it? QuickType might lead to less of this:

ios 8 features
We still need our LOLs, you know...

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ios 8 features

Aside from letting you know what’s up with your phone, iOS 8’s new notification feature lets you perform actions without having to exit the app you’re currently in. So, when you receive a message, you don’t have to close, say, Facebook, and open the messages app. Just pull down the notification on top of the screen and type away. Iwas hassle!

This also works for other notifications, like Calendar alerts, and we’re told third-party apps will be able to maximize this in the future, making multi-tasking a tad easier.

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