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5 Impressive iOS 9 Features

Looks like Apple has a doozy over here!
by Neps Firmalan | Jun 9, 2015
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Earlier today, Apple unleashed a big pasabog during the company's annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) event that had iPhone fans around the world taking notice: the official unveiling of iOS 9.

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For the clueless, iOS 9 is the latest version of Apple's mobile platform and the successor of iOS 8 which is currently the one running the show for the latest iPhone and iPad versions. To be clear though, iOS 9 is not yet available (it will start rolling out in September). However, Tim Cook and co. showed more than enough deets about the software to convince us that it's certainly worthy of looking forward to.

And what features are we talking about here? We list down five of the niftiest ones below!


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In iOS 9, Siri, Apple's ultra-popular virtual voice assistant, will be able to serve information without you even needing to tell it to. Thanks to the new Proactive Assistant feature, Siri will recommend which apps to open or who to call based on stuff like what time it is or your app usage pattern.

In other words, it (sort of) already knows what you want even if you don't utter a word, like your girlfriend when you're constantly prodding her in the middle of the night (wink!).


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The iPad's multitasking ability gets a nice boost in iOS 9 in the form of a feature that allows users to split the screen and work on two apps at the same time. Want to listen to music while you stalk look at your office crush's photos? No problem!


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iOS 9 also comes with a new Low Power Mode feature that, according to Apple, can extend your iOS device's battery life by up to three hours when activated. This is in exchange for a bit of functionality of course, but you really won't mind when you're in an emergency where every minute of your phone being "alive" counts.

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Apple ditched the Newsstand app and replaced it with the prettier-looking and more functional News app on iOS 9. The News app functions like a real-life newspaper boy, delivering the news to your device daily (as long as you have online connectivity, that is). What makes it even better is the fact that the stories you'll receive are based on your interests and optimized for iOS device, which means less visual glitches when viewing them. We're also told that the app offers easy navigation for less scrolling and more reading.


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iPhone and iPad users have been begging for it, and Apple finally budged. In iOS 9, Apple added transit info to its Maps app, giving users step-by-step navigation down to, say, the nearest bus stop or train station, with the end goal of making commutes better, faster, and safer. However, this feature won't be available in certain areas. Here's to hoping Manila is part of the deal; God knows how effed up traffic is here.

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