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Oct 23, 2015
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Disliking that drunk selfie your buddy uploaded? Hating that humblebrag status your boastful online friend posted? Absolutely loathing all those bias-fueled pseudo-political analyses on your Facebook feed?

Press the Dislike Button and let them know you're shaking your head profusely at their updates!

Oh, wait. It doesn't exist. (No, that planned "empathy button" is only a weak substitute at best)

Apple fans though now have a feature potentially much better when it comes to showing hate—and it's something some parents won't, uhm, like (GET IT???).

Lo and behold, Apple's middle finger emoji!

Apple's middle finger emoji is just one of the over 150 new ones that are part of the just-released iOS 9.1. iOS 9.1, for the non-geeks, is the latest version of the company's mobile operating system. Aside from the rude virtual digit, it also brings bug fixes, updates to Live Photos and Messages, new wallpapers, battery life improvements, and better performance overall. It's now available as an over-the-air download for the latest iPhones and iPads everywhere.

Now here's the obligatory warning that comes with using something like the middle finger emoji: don't use it with reckless abandon. That little icon has the power to potentially break friendships and cause tension in text and chat conversations. Use with caution.