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FHM Exclusive: The iPhone 6 In Gold And In The Flesh!

We unbox Apple's latest and greatest handset to see just how awesome it is up close, and how it stacks up against older iPhones!
by James Andrei Tan | Oct 21, 2014
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We seldom make yabang about the gadgets we play with not because we rarely get new devices (we've actually reviewed a shitload, check 'em out here), but because, well, we're not douches like that. Also, only a few new gadgets deserve this kind of treatment.

Today though, we say "The hell with it!" Folks, we have the brand-spanking new, wala-pa-sa-Pinas iPhone 6...in gold!

We expected this beauty to arrive here in the Philippines either in late November or early December—so you could say we're at least a month early! And again, we're talking about the latest version of one of the most iconic and polarizing phones of all time in a color that symbolizes extreme bling and luxury. Now you know why we're #ExcitedMuch about spilling the deets!

Let us clarify though that we're not doing this just so we could brag. The curious cats in us want to know how it looks like outside of press photos and how it compares side-by-side to its predecessor, the iPhone 5, so we could tell you all about it. Yep, we were thinking of you guys all this time! ("Aww..." naman diyan!)

Anyway, before we cross uncomfortable bromance levels, read on and witness the unboxing commence!

The thrill of opening a new iPhone’s box is an experience that never gets old. What’s new this time around, though, is the packaging’s front design. Previous models had a picture of the actual phone lying exactly underneath it. Taking its place now is a plain white embossed shape of the device.

iphone 6 unboxing

A closer look inside reveals the standard peripherals: a pair of Earpods, adapter, lightning cable, and the product manual. Note to future owners: Never lose these items, okay? Especially the manual and the charger, or else #Yari!

iphone 6 unboxing

Unfortunately, the rumors about the newly designed Earpods turned out to be just that—rumors. So no heart rate and blood pressure monitor. And it still can’t churn out HD audio. Bummer.

iphone 6 unboxing

Gents, here's the real thing! #Pogi #Maganda #Classy #Classic #Sosi #AndroidSupot #Revolutionary #Panalo #Stunning

iphone 6 unboxing

And because we happen to have an iPhone 5 just lying around, we decided to place them side-by-side! As you can see, the iPhone 6 is bigger. To be exact, it's taller by half an inch and wider by a third of an inch.

iphone 6 unboxing

While both sport aluminum bodies, the iPhone 5 has a rear glass panel that some people claim broke easily when dropped. The iPhone 6’s all-metal frame, while potentially more durable, is more prone to hairline scratches. We can’t have it all, buddy!

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iphone 6 unboxing

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