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HEAVYWEIGHT UPSET: Apple Loses To MyPhone In Trademark Battle!

The tech world's David just mauled its Goliath!
by Neps Firmalan | Jun 2, 2015
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Hey, Apple, you've just been legally served!

In what could only be described as an upset of David vs. Goliath proportions, tech titan Apple lost to local phone brand MyPhone in a trademark battle that started six years ago.

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Apparently, Apple claimed that the MyPhone brand, which is owned by Solid Broadband, was a copycat taking advantage of the first-gen iPhone's success when the local company launched its first handset back in 2007.

Two years later, Apple waged the legal battle here in the Philippines, hiring the high-profile Quisumbing-Torres law firm with the end goal of stopping the distribution of MyPhone-branded handsets. The then-Steve Jobs-led heavyweight decided to keep the proceedings under the radar, which explains why most of us were oblivious of the issue.

The thing is, Solid Broadband registered the "MyPhone" trademark before the first iPhone even rolled out (four days before it was officially launched in June 25, 2007, to be exact). This means that, unless they had actual working crystal balls, the creation of the "MyPhone" brand name probably wasn't influenced in any way by Apple's iconic handset. Sure, the iPhone became hugely popular soon after, but we'll call that a mere coincidence.

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But the legal coup-de-gras came in the form of a ruling from the Intellectual Property Office which states that MyPhone was being marketed as a distinctly Filipino brand and the product markings (e.g. logos, symbols) and promotional materials it uses are different from those used by Apple. "The buying public should be credited with a modicum of intelligence and discernment in phones where brand patronage or consciousness is prevalent," the IPO said in its statement.

We're calling this a #BoomPanes moment for the guys and gals of MyPhone. As for Apple, you may have beaten other giants like Samsung in the courtroom in the past but sometimes even the greatest of athletes/people/companies lose. As they say in the vernacular: "Hindi araw-araw pasko!"

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As of this writing, Apple has yet to release a statement regarding the matter—but here's to hoping they won't take this defeat out on the Apple-loving Pinoys. (Translation: Hey, Apple bosses, let's stay friends! We're techie FOMOs here, so please don't cancel your business in the Philippines or do anything as revolting. Peace!)

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