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Apple makes nice, offers Motorola and Samsung settlement

Change of heart?
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 8, 2012
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Oh, patent lawsuits. Let us count the ways you've made headlines. No, let's not. We've talked enough about you, and it seems even the parties involved are sick of going to court.

Apple is locked in a bitter, worldwide patent litigation case with both Samsung and Motorola, whom they claim have infringed on their patents. It's been going on for quite some time, and we're happy to report that Apple at least has made a move to end it---by offering Samsung and Motorola a licensing deal. The price? Apple gets $5 to $15 per device sold. Let's remember that Motorola made a similar offer to license their patents to the Cupertino company for 2.25% of sales per device that Apple said was an "unfair" price.

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It looks like Apple is getting tired of paying their lawyers big money because technically, $5-$15 is about 1-2.5% of device sales (around the amount that Moto is asking for) which would mean Samsung, should decide to take the $15 per device deal and whose Galaxy Tab 10.1 sold over a 800,000 units in the U.S., would pay Apple $12 million for one device in just one country.

Umm, we don't know much about litigation but we do know that that's a lot of money. At this point the easy way to get around that deal is to give the device with the licensed Apple patent a limited release, let's say to one or two countries at most, and never in a country where you know you'll be making a lot of money---like China.

Whew! We're glad to finally see some progress in all this patent case hubbub. We know that Steve Jobs wasn't a fan of them either, and that years ago got around a patent case with Microsoft by talking to Bill Gates and convincing him to invest in Apple.

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Smart and effective, but we'll see where this million-dollar settlement could take them. Now, how about that new, colorful Apple logo?

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