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Apple Unveils new iPod models


by Lou E. Albano | Sep 23, 2010
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Just in time for the Holidays, Apple recently unveiled their latest models of the much loved iPod. First off is the new iPod Touch, which features Retina Display, the A4 Chip, FaceTime Video Calling, HD Video Recording and Game Center.

Says Apple head honco, Steve Jobs "We've put our most advanced technology inside the new iPod touch." There's the Retina display, at 960 x 640 pxels, which is four times as many pixels as before, makeing everything on it look even more incredible, be it videos, games, photos, or plain old album art.

Over Wi-Fi, and with FaceTime Video Calling, you can also make video calls to your friends who also use the iTouch and iPhone.

YouTube enthusiasts meanwhile, will love the fact that the iTouch will allow them their videos thanks to its rear-facing camera. It even allows users to upload videos to share videos pronto.

In place of the click wheel, the iPodnano, now features a multi-touch interace, allowing Apple to shrink the gadget to half the size of its predeccesor, and allowing users to navigate through their libraries via poking the screen.

It also features Shake to Shuffle, giving music lovers the ability to shuffle away by shaking.

And finally, there is the iPod Shuffle, featuring the clickable ring button, once found with iPodnano, and the VoiceOver, letting users navigate through their library by just talking.

These new apple products are available at the Apple Store


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