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Apple vs. Samsung: The Decision

This will change things...
by Neps Firmalan | Aug 29, 2012
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So we've heard, Apple just received a huge, huge victory in its high-profile patent case against Samsung. The latter was found guilty by a US court of copying the design of the iPhone and has been ordered to pay over $1 billion in damages! Whoa! Steve Jobs must be laughing from above (or is it below?).

This legal warfare started last year, when Apple sued Samsung on April 2011 for copying the design and UI (user-interface) elements (i.e. pinch-to-zoom and double-tap zoom) of the iPhone and the iPad. Samsung retaliated with its own case against Apple and they both traded legal jabs for a while.

However, last August 24, the jury delivered a lopsided decision for Apple saying that Samsung infringed on six out of the seven patents that were in question. Aside from the truckload of moolah awarded to Apple, what's potentially worse for Samsung is the possible American ban ordered against its products, among them the Galaxy S and Nexus S.

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Copyright infringement and the knock-offs it has spawned has been a part of the tech landscape for a long time now. A visit at those shady tiangges in Greenhills or Divisoria or a quick check in the Internet will tell you there are tons of rip-offs out there. The thing is, many of them are just so plain obvious we don't know how to react. Do we laugh at its silliness or feel sorry for the makers for not doing a better job (not that we condone piracy—ayaw namin sa mga pirata!)? Here are some really cheap fakes that really made us say "sakit sa ulo, bro!"

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