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App-Rub: 8 Apps That Can Help You Survive The Solo Bro Life

Every guy has to learn to live alone sooner or later. As always, there are apps for that!
by Neps Firmalan | Nov 12, 2014
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Being independent a.k.a. living alone is a double-edged sword. On one hand, you can now throw house parties, drink every night away, and other things that would otherwise make a girl (or your mother) say, "____ o ako?"

On the flipside though, it could be one helluva confusing experience, especially for solo noobs who just disconnected from the umbilical cord that is their parents. Case in point: How are you gonna cook now, bro? You can't always have hotdog with burnt onions and garlic!

The thing is, we believe every guy and gal has to learn to live alone sooner or later. Fortunately, there are tons of apps out there that can help you survive the solo life! Get ready to DL like crazy!


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App: Saving Made Simple - Money App

If you are the son of a tycoon or have won the lottery, then you're excused. If you're like the rest of us peasants, then you'll realize that living alone is like a crash course on budgeting. You won't survive if you don't know jack about it.

SMSMA allows you to keep track of your expenses by letting you list down your purchases and payments so you know where your money is going. You can also use it to set short- and long-term budget goals and the app will let you know how close you are to, say, that brand-new kick-ass kicks you've been ogling for months.

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App: MMDA app

The MMDA has been getting loads of flak these days, but the organization deserves a bit of praise for this app. The MMDA app gives you a real-time low-down of Metro Manila's traffic situation. It tells you if a certain road is congested or "light," making decision-making much easier. Plus, this app has an FAQs section, which gives you the deets on the many MMDA road laws and regulationsa must-see feature for anyone who can't afford a traffic ticket.

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App: Philippine Emergency Numbers

Living alone means you're more vulnerable when an emergency comes knocking. Sure, you can bother your kapitbahay or friends, but do you really want to? Hey, you should be able to handle things yourself, right?

Enter Philippine Emergency Numbers. This app has a database of the hotlines of different government agencies and offices (e.g. PNP, Bureau of Fire Protection). This eliminates the frustrating chore of going through the yellow pages (do you still have one?), searching online, and that awkward feeling you have whenever you ask around like a lost kid.

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App: Epicurious

Now that you're going solo, you have to say goodbye to your mom's awesome home-cooked meals. Bummer. But don't fret; Epicurious will help you out! Offering over 30,000 recipes (from the novice to the expert level) and easy-to-follow cooking guides, this app gives you the headstart you need to become a master in the kitchen. It also saves you from the usual unhealthy and fatty dishes bros cook because "ako lang naman ang kakain."

Practice and experiment with this app when you're alone, and once you're able to prepare something edible, invite your folks over and boast of your newfound skill. Then, expect this hirit: "Puwede ka na mag-asawa!"

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