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5 Apps We Can't Live Without That Didn't Exist Five Years Ago

Could you still imagine life without these apps?
by Tanya Umali | Oct 4, 2016
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Do you remember the time when smartphone apps didn't exist? Not so long ago, people had to rely on  actual maps for navigation. Listening to new music meant downloading a file into your computer and transferring it into an MP3 player. The hassle of flagging down a cab when you had a meeting to rush to was all too real. Nowadays, the existence of smartphone apps have made life a whole lot easier.

We've listed five famous apps that have changed the game forever. Check them out below!

1) Uber (2011) and Grab (2012)

Before, we had to hail cabs the hard way. People were always in line at taxi bays trying to fight each other over who saw the cab first. It wasn't until Uber and Grab (which was then known as GrabTaxi) came along that we were able to enjoy the ease of riding comfortably and safely through Manila's congested streets. Of course at first, both rides weren't such huge hits. People thought they were too expensive, but due to safety concerns and unreasonable taxi drivers, these transpo apps are now staples on your phone. 

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2) Snap (2011)

Who knew that Snap (previously known as Snapchat) would make it big? The idea of communicating purely through photos was an idea that was easily shunned by almost everyone. Then a huge chunk of the population (Read: Millennials), and even famous celebrities, became obssessed with video selfies. The promise of Snapchat: each video would disappear afrter 24 hours. What originally started out as a sexting app evolved into one of the most trendy social media platforms today.

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3) Spotify (2014)

Two years ago, almost everyone had their music playlist pre-downloaded to their phones and MP3s. When Spotify came along, audiophiles started using the streaming app for its playlist creation capabilities. After all, Spotify is famous for mining your music preference and suggesting tracks that you should listen to. It's definitely easier than having to find the songs you like one by one and downloading them to your device. 

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4) Facebook Messenger (2011)

FB's messaging app is so relevant that it's practically replaced the traditional sending text messages. Who wouldn't be tempted to use an app that can write unlimited texts, enable file and photo sharing, and invite another user to play games with you? 

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5) Waze (2011)

Everyone would be totally lost without this app. Even Grab and Uber drivers have to rely on this navigation app because of how handy the it is. Not only does Waze point you to the right direction, but it also chooses the route with less traffic. 


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