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Nov 4, 2013
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If there's one thing we really, really hate to the sukdulan level, it's rape.

We may specialize in showing off the beautiful bods of lovely Pinays (and even Hot Turistas) and helping you ogle the beautiful members of the opposite sex, but we'll never be down with forcing women to do things they don't want to.


This is why we've always supported any measure taken to ensure the protection of women against men's manyak tendencies gone horribly wrong. Case in point: US company AR Wear's plan to develop anti-rape clothing.

The idea is simple: They want to make clothes that will make it virtually impossible for a would-be rapist to undress his victim. They plan to achieve this by combining clothing materials that are resistant to pulling and impenetrable even by very sharp scissors.

ar wear anti-rape clothing

The cloth will be structured in a way that allows only the wearer to easily put on or remove the anti-rape garments. We're also told that locking mechanisms in the form of small buttons will be employed.

ar wear anti-rape clothing

AR Wear is busting its ass off working on it...but they need our help to comple it, mga bros and sis! They use crowd-sourcing to gather enough funds for the project, and given its importance, we say you should help 'em out! You can donate cash through their page at Indiegogo, a funding platform for endeavors such as this one. Depending on how much you share, you will also get a few perks (like discounts on future AR Wear purchases).

Now the big question is will they also make rape-proof clothes for men? (Because, you know, guys get raped, too.) Well, as of this writing, AR Wear has no plans yet for a male line. So it looks like you'll still have to rely on your fists if ever, God forbids, someone's after your bunghole. Another piece of advice: For the sake of your bunghole, avoid being imprisoned!