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ASUS K45VM: Power For the Mainstream User

Screams bargain!
by Neps Firmalan | Aug 2, 2012
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Tablets and smartphones might be the ones hugging the tech spotlight right now but the notebook remains popular. The constant need for computing muscle in a portable package ensures its place in the minds of tech enthusiasts and store shelves. There's a lot to choose from, and you can say there's one for everyone. The problem is, if you're looking for one that has serious specs, you'll probably end up spending a handsome amount of cash. Being the kuripot peeps that we are, this is something we're not looking forward to.

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But all hope is not lost. If you use your Divisoria skills in looking for the right notebook with real power that's not too heavy on the pocket to the hilt, the results might pleasantly surprise you. And the fact that manufacturers are still producing loads of models for all kinds of markets increases your chances. Here's where the ASUS K45VM comes in. One of the latest notebooks of the Taiwanese titan, it offers handsome hardware at a price that points not to the high-end but to the mainstream market.

We'd like to thank the tech gods for bestowing upon us the K45VM. And to further drive home our point, here are the best things about this laptop that won't cause you to have that dreaded feeling of panghihinayang you might get after burning cash for a gadget.

1. Looking good there!

We'll be frank. The K45VM is not the slimmest nor the lightest of laptops. In terms of size, it's a heavyweight compared to the ultrabooks. But that doesn't mean it's an eyesore. For something that's aimed at the mainstream mob, it looks damn good and relatively light. Blessed with a textured metal lid and bronze palm rest, it's something you won't be embarassed to show-off, even to your iPhone-touting friends. The smooth, minimalistic trackpad adds more plus points to the whole package.

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2. Type away!

We've had our fair share of notebooks with keyboards too cramped to type on. You won't have such problems with the K45VM. Its keyboard is of ample size with buttons spaced apart just right. It also offers a bouncy, tactile feel that gives you more assurance you're pressing the right keys.

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3. Ivy Bridge FTW!

The K45VM boasts of 4GB of DDR3 RAM and 320GB of storage which means it can do some serious multitasking while providing enough space for your files. On the graphics department it comes with the combo of an Intel HD 4000 and NVIDIA GeForce GT 650 video card, giving you more than enough juice to run most of the mainstream games out there.

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But the best part about the K45VM's innards is its Intel Core i7 3rd-gen (Ivy Bridge) chip. A lot of notebooks have rolled out serving this type of processor, but most of them are at a price range comfortably beyond what the masa can manage. The K45VM tries to be an exception, and this one is definitely one of its biggest selling points.

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