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Sep 2, 2014
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As your bros and the pornos you watch with them can attest to, everything's better with flexibility. It's like bacon and/or cheese for your visual fantasies.

This GIF explains things better:

asus transformer book flipGIF via Atrl.net

But when we said everything's better with flexibility, we're not just talking about the ideal girl you'd like to be part of your humpfests. Because, even in tech, flexibility finds its way to make things look loads sexier.

Case in point: The ASUS Transformer Book Flip notebook:

Video via ASUS on YouTube

It might not twerk like Miley Cyrus (and that's gooda shaking laptop is probably broken like the singer), but it has the moves of that super flexible yoga instructor who is the only reason why you burn your fats away. In other words, the darn thing can open up, roll back, and flip its lid a full 360 degrees!

Let's see you do this to your notebook (but don't because you'll probably destroy it):

asus transformer book flip

But its flippin' form factor is more than just for eye-candy and geeky ice-breakers ("Hey miss, if you can do this I wanna plug my hard drive in you..."). This ability enables users to use the Transformer Book Flip as a powerful tablet for portability.

Speaking of power, the device has it, too. Tucked beneath its sleek plastic and metallic exterior is a fourth-generation Intel Core chip (up to Core i7), up to a whopping 8GB of RAM, up to 1TB of internal capacity, and an Nvidia GeForces GPU (depending on model) for playing mainstream games at high visual settings. The Transformer Book Flip also comes in two display sizes: 13.3 and 15.6 inches. Oh, have we mentioned its touchscreen, too? #BoomPanes

With all these features, we're willing to put this one on our "Dear Santa" list. But for those of you who have moolah to spare (pautang!), the Transformer Book Flip is now available starting at P26,995.