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ASUS Transformer Book Flip TP550LD: Why You Should Give Yourself This BBW Laptop
Before your brain gets crowded with images of porn searches and dirty videos, let us clarify that BBW here stands for an entirely different thing!
by Neps Firmalan | Dec 2, 2014
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Here's the ASUS Transformer Book Flip TP550LD or what we call...a BBW!

asus transformer book flip

Before your brain gets crowded with images of PornHub searches and dirty videos, let us clarify that BBW here stands for an entirely different thing: Big, Beautiful Workhorsethree words that perfectly represent the Transformer Book Flip TP550LD.

The BBW tag means that it won't win any portability awards. But, whatever. It not having the "carry anywhere" feature is a small price to pay for being awesome. How awesome? Read on!


There are big computers that look like imposing monoliths, the kind that inspires images of our Stone Age ancestors hacking away at rocks to create immortal reminders that they were here. That's good if we're talking about stuff like the Pyramids, but with gadgets? No. Just. No.

On the other side of the plus-size spectrum are the gadgets that still manage to look sleek and oh-so next-gen, even if they're big. The Transformer Book Flip TP550LD belongs here. Just take at look at its gorgeous metallic exterior:

asus transformer book flip

It's a handsome motherand one that has a large 15.6-inch touchscreen! That makes it among the largest tech toys we've gotten our hands on! That said, it still manages to be relatively slim and light. While many other laptops of the same size exceed 30mm in thickness and 3kg in weigth, the Transformer Book Flip TP550LD is only 27mm at its thickest point and tips the scales at only 2.6kg, including the battery.


We've mentioned the primary, bag-crowding, portability-killing drawback of having a large frame but you have to admit: it has its perks! For one, you'll have more room for a display size that rivals that of many stand-alone PC monitors so you won't have to squint your way to viewing apps, games, that latest viral video, or your mind-numbing, number-filled worksheet.

This holds true for the Flip Book TP550LD whose large display made is possible for us to view things clearly even if it's a few feet away away from us. In other words, it's also great for sharing!

asus transformer book flip

Another advantage comes in the form of this slowly-dying but still important-for-us feature:

asus transformer book flip

A DVD drive, yo! While many manufacturers are ditching optical drives in exchange for slimmer laptops, we still think that it's an important feature overall. True, USBs are the shiznit and online streaming is becoming more common, but having a back-up option you can use to view/store/transfer your digital files is a potential life-saver.

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Inside the Transformer Book Flip TP550LD's large frame is a gamut of top-notch hardware that work together to transform the device into a legit powerhouse:

asus transformer book flip

Intel Core i7 processor? Check! 8GB of RAM? Check! This combo alone should be enough to run the most hardcore of software tasks. Based on our experience, we didn't experience lags and slow-downs, even if we're going crazy with HD videos and had several browser windows with several tabs each open. We only experienced a slight dip in performance when we threw something like Photoshop or InDesign into the mix, and even then things were still zippy.

Add 1-friggin'-TB of storage and Nvidia GeForce GT820M graphics and you've got one roomy laptop that can really game as well.

We decided to play two super popular games (Skyrim and Diablo III: Reaper of Souls) to see how the Transformer Book Flip TP550LD holds up:

Skyrim FPS (frames per second) on ultra-high settings: 28-35fps

asus transformer book flip

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls FPS (frames per second) on ultra-high settings: 30-36fps

asus transformer book flip

Not bad, ASUS. Not bad at all.


Here's where things really get interesting. The Transformer Book Flip TP550LD has a touchscreen that flips a full 360-degrees, allowing it to go from this...

asus transformer book flip this:

asus transformer book flip

...and to this:

asus transformer book flip

...AND finally to this:

asus transformer book flip

This allows you to transform and use it like a tablet if you really have no choice but to bring it with you because it will really be really awkward to use a laptop in, say, the MRT. Who would've thought something this big can be this flexible, right?


asus transformer book flip
A metallic laptop that has top-notch hardware, a large touchscreen, gaming capabilities, and a flippin' touchscreen? That normally calls for an SRP in the P70,000 to P100,000 range, right? Lo and behold, the Transformer Book Flip TP550LD only costs P49,995!

Seriously, if this isn't a legit bargain for you, then we don't know what is.

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