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The ASUS Transformer Book T100 Made Us Want Our Very Own Hybrid Tablet

Hybrid tablets are getting more and more popular! What's the hype all about? We played with the ASUS Transformer T100 to explain it all to you!
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 19, 2014
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We've been blabbing about hybrid gadgets lately. The thing is, despite their growing popularity, it's still quite a rare occasion for us to actually handle one. Charge it to the fact that they're still not as widespread as the usual smartphones and tablets that populate every gadget store in town.

Still, we've managed to play with a few of them in the past. And whenever we do so, we're left with this realization: P*@#&1^, ang gara! Gusto ka 'yan! So you could just imagine our kilig when we're given the opportunity to try out another new hybrid device, the ASUS Transformer Book T100 hybrid tablet.

The short version of the story: We're now saving our barya and hollering at Santa this early because we want one. The long version of the story: The reasons below will tell you why this is so, and why you might just want to score one for yourselves.


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asus transformer book 100 review philippinesFor the record, that's an average-size backpack. Pwede!

What's apparent at first glance is that hybrid tablets aren't as big as their notebook bros. While we subscribe to the "Bigger is better" thinking, we still welcomed this fact with open arms. Why so? One word: portability. Hybrid tablets like the T100 are slim (less than half an inch thick) and really light (just 2.4lbs with the keyboard). This means you can easily slip it inside your man bag and forget that it's there or handle it with just one hand. Hindi ka magkakamasel, bro!

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The 10.1-inch touchscreen is large enough for you to  enjoy videos and games without squinting, and the size means you can share the viewing joy with your friends or jowa. You can do so with smaller smartphones and tablets, too, but it will feel like parang pinipilit lang.


Question: Do you sleep with your laptop by your side or go to the loo with it? We're guessing the answer is a resounding yes. The problem is, with regular tablets, you'd have to hold it with one hand when you're using it while on your bed and in time, mangangawit ka. For notebooks, the larger frame and weight make it a bit harderand, quite frankly, awkwardto bring into certain places.

asus transformer book 100 review philippinesLocation: at a not-s0-squeaky-clean C.R. somewhere

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For example, if you want to visit FHM in a cramped banyo (for reasons we don't want to know), you'll find out that you'd have to constantly hold on to it or it might fall because there's little space inside for hands-free operation. Okay, your lap will work but it's not as if you're never gonna stand up, right?

Smaller hybrids like the T100 try to offer you the best of both worlds. With the T100's keyboard dock, you can set it on your chest while lying down on your bed. Then, if you feel like using it on a crowded area like a plate-filled table, its small size means you will be able to make space for it without interrupting others. You can even detach the keyboard for easier handling while walking.


asus transformer book 100 review philippines
Gadgets like the T100 are not only hybrids in size and form, they also have the stuff inside to justify this claim. The T100 is packed with an Intel Atom quad-core chip, 2GB of RAM, and up to 64GB of capacity. This specs-line is more than enough to handle your usual apps use and surfing needs. The hardware also enables you to do more, like view HD videos without lag, do office work on the side (the T100 comes with Windows 8.1), and open multiple browser tabsthings that will make most other tablets bleed.

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