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YOU'D WANT THIS: ASUS' Wicked New Gaming PC, The G10

This rig's so awesome, we want one now!
by Neps Firmalan | Oct 30, 2013
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Last time around, we showed you guys how to assemble a badass gaming PC. It should be fast, it should be cool, and it should look awesome, too—very much like the one below.

asus g10 price specs philippines launch

That, fellas, is the newly-released ASUS G10, a gaming rig that has all the bells and whistles gamer geeks will drool for. It comes with some of the latest and best hardware for gaming, like a fourth-gen Intel Core processor and up to a whopping 32GB of RAM! That, ladies and gents, is a friggin' lot and it tells us that it can do almost everything. In an era where rigs with 8GB of RAM are still considered macho, the G10 is still simply incredible.

asus g10 price specs philippines launch

But of course, as gamers ourselves, what we're really looking for is top-notch graphics. Packing either an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 or ATI Radeon HD 7770—two of the most popular and high-quality GPUs in the business—the G10 delivers just that. It will run older and current games at a high FPS (frames per second) rate and even handle the newest and upcoming titles easily given its impressive specs sheet. Diablo III and GTA V? Meh. The G10 will eat those for breakfast.

Another thing that's noteworthy about the G10 is that it does its thing with less noise and less heat. It has Smart Cooling running inside, this feature controls fan speed and keeps the CPU at optimum temperature. The G10's design also helps prevent stubborn dust from accumulating, making it cleaner inside as well.

asus g10 price specs philippines launch

We also give style points to the G10's CPU tower. It looks lean and mean, a perfect complement to your gung-ho gaming attitude, especially in shooting games like Crysis 2. As an add-on, you could also get an ASUS Power Pack for the G10. This device functions as an emergency power supply when a power outage hits and can also charge your mobile devices.

The G10 is now available locally for P62,990. Add P5,000 and you'll also get the ASUS Power Pack. If you're too lazy to build your own gaming rig and have moolah to burn, then this might be the deal for you!