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WE WANT THIS: Here's ASUS' New Super Thin And Extra Powerful Zenbook!

Looks can be deceiving, and Asus' new notebook is a helluva fine example!
by Neps Firmalan | Oct 13, 2014
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They say looks can be deceiving, and we totally agree. How many times have we heard about that oh-so-religious girl who's actually a freak in bed? Or that thin nerdy dude who's actually a karate expert? Too. Many. Times.

The same can be said for the gadget that we're about to show you. Geeks, take a gander at the gorgeous creation that is the new ASUS Zenbook UX303LN:

asus zenbook philippines

It sure looks slim and elegant as heck, like a gal who exudes the hindi-makabasag-pinggan vibe. But inside is actually a beast waiting to be unleashed onto your mobile computing chores.

But first, another look. Ang ganda lang eh!

Video via ASUS

We didn't expect anything less in the looks department, especially since the Zenbook UX303LN comes from the same laptop line that produced the handsome glass-clad UX302LA (check out our review of the sexy mother here). With a sleek metallic frame measuring just 20mm thick and a lid that shines like glossy kitchenware, this laptop will gather envious stares. Yep, even if you're in a sosyal coffee place somewhere.

But inside is where it's really at.

The UX303LN boasts the latest Intel Core i5 or i7 (depending on model) processor that's paired with at least 4GB of RAM. That should provide the needed punch for your multi-tasking and hardcore software needs. It also comes with a solid-state drive which is much faster than the conventional hard drive found in most laptops and PCs.

The result? An added speed boost that's welcome anytime, any day!

asus zenbook philippines

Then there's the NVIDIA GeForce GT840M video card, which transforms the device from a hardworking pogi machine to one that can even do real gaming. With this added hardware feature, you can use the UX303LN to play most mainstream games at nice frame rates and visual settings. Yowzah!

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Speaking of visuals, there's also the 13.3-inch touchscreen that enables Full-HD viewing of your games, videos, and memes. And since graphics is just half of the equation, this bad boy comes as the full package, boasting larger than usual 1.5-watt speakers with ASUS' own SonicMaster audio tech for clearer, better, louder sounds.

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