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ASUS VivoBook S400: A Taste of Windows 8

We're Windows 8 virgins, no more!
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 7, 2013
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Even though Windows 8 is now official here in the Philippines, only a few of the products on local store shelves carry it. But that's understandable. You have to remember that Microsoft actually launched the OS here at the tail-end of 2012. In other words, mainit-init pa! Heck, even us here in FHM HQ are Windows 8 virgins (we use an older version to get our work done). Not that we're complaining get the drift.

So, what are we getting at here? Simple. If you already have managed to get your slimy hands on a Windows 8 device locally, then you're one of the lucky few (although your group will drastically increase in number in the next few months). But hey, we're not about to be left out! ASUS decided to send us a member of its first Windows 8 brood, the VivoBook S400, and, like little kids discovering a new toy, we immediately got down and dirty to play with the device. This is our first taste of Windows 8, and here are some reason why we're really liking it...

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It's an ultrabook

We were really excited to play with this! Proof: fingerprint smudges, a lot of them!

Yes it is, and that means it has the sexiness and good looks its ultra-thin siblings have. For starters, it comes with a brushed metallic frame that exudes a sleek, professional appeal. And, measuring just 21mm thick and weighing only 1.8kg, hindi ka magkakamasel when carrying it. At the same time, the VivoBook S400 doesn't go overboard in terms of design. Not too flashy but not too dull either. Just right for our taste.

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It's got a touchscreen!

For those thinking the VivoBook S400 is your regular,  pre-Windows 8 laptop, think again. The most obvious and perhaps most significant hardware difference it has from most other notebooks is that it comes with a touchscreen. Surprised? Don't be. Windows 8, after all, was made with touch-enabled devices like tablets and smartphones in mind. You can use apps, programs, and navigatebasically all your computing choreswhile not pressing even a single button on the keyboard. However, given the noobs that we are, we of course used the physical buttons more at the start. Now, we're using both input methods in tandem.

Easy on the eyes, no?

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As for eye-candy quality, the display didn't blow us away. Don't get us wrong, it doesn't suck and is nice to look at with LED backlighting. We just wish it was in HD instead of its run-of-the mill 1366 x 768 resolution.

Decent innards

You had us at "ultrabook

On the inside, you've got a 3rd-generation Intel Core i5 (although other variants may come with an i7 chip) processor that's paired with 4GB of DDR3 RAM. That combo should be enough to provide more than enough power for the average notebook user. Plus you've got the latest Intel HD 4000 graphics, which brings smoother performance for more graphics-intensive needs (i.e. HD video streaming, Photoshop, gaming). It has 500GB of hard disk storage, too, with an added 25GB of solid-state capacity which makes for a faster overall performance.

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