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ASUS Vivobook S551LB: 6 Easy Tips For Buying A Big-Ass Entertainment Laptop

Looking to burn a load of cash for a brand-spakin' new entertainment laptop? Read these tips first before you splurge!
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 30, 2014
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For our latest techie review, we focus on a laptop that has the size, innards, and audio system that will make you say, "Me likey!" Geeks, take a look at the ASUS VivoBook S551LB!

asus vivobook s551lb review
This gorgeous SOB made our sabog office desks look big time.

With a display over 15 inches in size, the S551LB is certainly a big boy. It’s far from the most portable of gadgets, but you really can't fit the kind of top-tier hardware it has in a netbook. And with specs these high, it's perfect for anyone looking for a new multimedia-centric lappie.

But before you splurge, ask yourself this: What should I really be looking for when buying an entertainment laptop? Our playtime with the S551LB yielded some simple yet important tips!


Laptops focused mainly on creating and consuming multimedia content (also called entertainment or multimedia laptops) are normally bigger and heavier than those made for portability or quickie Internet sessions and making Word files. Two culprits come to mind: 1) the big-ass screen that’s needed to fully enjoy all your multimedia eye-candy on and; 2) the pimped-out hardware to handle your HD videos, games, online streaming, and whatnot.

asus vivobook s551lb review
The result? A heavyweight device that will make you feel you’ve just sweated it out in the gym after carrying it. Okay, O.A., but you get the drift.

Being heavier is understandable, but we feel that having a lighter frame is a big, often overlooked bonus. It doesn’t have to be as light as those super-slim tablets; as long as you can lug it around with relative ease. You'll never know when you need to bring it, say, to the office because your normally reliable work desktop decided it’s a good time to die.

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In this regard, the S551LB scores. Yep, it’s got a bigger-than-usual display, but at 2.4kg, it’s lighter than most entertainment lappies (the norm is 3.5kg), so much so that you can carry it around with minimal hassle. Hindi ka magkakamasel dito, bro! Added bonus: Its 22.5mm waistline (read: thickness) gives enough space in your bag for your other man essentials.


asus vivobook s551lb review
Brands today are already ditching the once-ubiquitous optical (CD/DVD/Blu-ray) drive in favor of slimmer laptop bods. However, since we’re talking about entertainment notebooks here, this is a big no-no. How else will you be able to play movies or install games? Flash drives and DLs? Puwede, but having an optical drive always on standby is always a nice option. Plus, it’s not as if CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs are now totally obsolete, right?

With the S551LB, you’ll have a DVD drive that will read and write CDs—perfect for your pirata moves video junkies.

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