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This Little Device Is Actually A PC, And It's Now Available Here In Pinas!

Is bigger really better? Ha! The latest entry into our list of cool "minion-tech" gadgets begs to differ!
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 8, 2014
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Desktop PCs are supposed to be bulky monoliths that take up a whole corner of your man cave. Something like this:

asus vivopc
But that's the old norms; times are a-changin'. We introduce you to the latest entry to our cool "minion-tech" gadgets list:

asus vivopcCan you believe that this little bugger is actually a full-fledged desktop PC? No kidding! Call it the ASUS VivoPC.

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The VivoPC practically shatters the idea that you should clear away a huge amount of space for a desktop PCthe darned thing only measures 190mm wide and is just 56.2mm thick! To put that into non-math terms, it can sit on a piece of A4 paper with plenty of room to spare. It also has smaller dimensions (save for its height) than laptops. Yowzah!

Despite its diminutive size, however, the VivoPC actually has pretty nice innards. It boasts of an Intel Core i3 processor (depending on the model), up to 4GB of RAM, and Intel HD graphics for mainstream gaming, along with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. The VivoPC also comes with a grand total of six USB ports and an HDMI and VGA slots for hooking it up with your monitor and other desktop peripherals.

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