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ASUS Zenbook UX302LA: Definitely The Most Gorgeous Laptop We've Ever Played With

We seldom hype tech toys around here. However, this laptop is both a beauty and a beast!
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 19, 2014
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Let’s cut to the chase: What you’re about to see is the most gorgeous notebook that has ever landed on our kalyo-filled hands. Geeks, say hello to the ASUS Zenbook UX302LA!

asus zenbook ux302la review philippines

“OMG, it’s so effin’ shiny!” was our first reaction when we saw this handsome mother. The reason is something 99-percent of other laptops don’t have: the darn thing comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection! That’s geekspeak for having a scratch-resistant glass panel on its lid.

asus zenbook ux302la review philippines

And may we add that it’s also thin as a supermodel. The Zenbook UX302LA is tagged as an ultrabook, which means it belongs to the anorexic group of its kind—it’s only 17.2mm thick! Yowzah!

asus zenbook ux302la review philippines

Lift the lid and the pogi points will come flowing once again. Here’s a notebook with backlighted keyboard keys and a smooth aluminum chassis we found ourselves caressing frequently for no apparent reason.

asus zenbook ux302la review philippines

Special mention goes to the 13.3-inch display. It’s in Full-HD (1080x1920), has IPS (in-plane switching) tech for more viewing angles, and is also touchscreen, making you max the heck out of Windows 8 (speaking of which, click here for deets on nifty tips and tricks you can do with the OS).

asus zenbook ux302la review philippines
You can say that the Zenbook UX302LA is like an FHM Babe, often showered with lustful glances from passers-by (and envious looks from her peers). But its appearance is just half the story; turning it on awakens a hardware beast that can hang with its beefier peers in terms of sheer performance.

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