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Say Hello To The ZenFone (And ASUS' Gorgeous New Product Demo Babes)!

Check out ASUS' newest pambato in the smartphone wars...and the gorgeous ladies who helped introduce it to us!
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 22, 2014
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So your hardworking FHM team (ehem!) gate-crashed attended the launch of ASUS' newest pambato in the local smartphone wars last week at the posh club HYVE in Taguig. Called the ZenFone, it’s oozing with good looks—something that gadgets from the Taiwanese titan are known for (have you seen the truly drool-worthy Zenbook UX302LA?).

asus zenfone philippinesYou know it's a party when you see a human light show

Yes, we were there to see first-hand the arrival of the ZenFone here in the Philippines. But we were also secretly hoping to spot something that’s very close to our hearts: gorgeous babes! The event was dubbed the ZenFone Black Party after all; and we knew parties held by big time tech brands are also often swarming with hot product demo babes (with the occasional sighting of a celeb or two).

Were we successful? Did we witness more than just gadget eye-candy and excited geeks fist-bumping each other? Abso-frigging-lutely!

Yo, ASUS! Thank you for hiring such beautiful demo babes who helped made the shindig more memorable (and party goers like us forget about the shitstorm that just hit the metro the day before). Guys, wouldn’t you want to buy a smartphone from these ladies:

asus zenfone philippines

asus zenfone philippines

asus zenfone philippines

asus zenfone philippines

asus zenfone philippines
Whew! ASUS clearly knows how to throw a beautiful par-tey! But we haven’t introduced you yet to the true star of the show. Fellas, check out the ZenFone on the next page. Spoiler alert: It's SRP will surprise you!

NEXT: All the deets on ASUS' new handset star!

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