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FHM Picks: 7 Brilliant Geek Commercials

More than awesome visuals and graphics, concept and delivery will determine how awesome your ad is. Witness: Seven techie ads that were able to pull it off!
by Neps Firmalan and KC Calpo | May 31, 2014
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We don't quite know where this current fixation of ours began: maybe it's the fact that they're everywhere, or maybe it was brought about by our aversion to local commercials. But for the past few days, we've been thinking about ads—and how they magically get us to burn cash on things we need and don't need. And especially in the tech world, companies must continuously find new ways to make us say, “Shut up and take my money,” all within a few minutes, at most. 

So, what makes a good ad? For us it's pretty simple. First, it has to have a good concept/hook, preferably involving something heartwarming or funny that we can relate to. Also, no annoying endorsers (for us, this means no Kris Aquino, please and thanks). Lastly, it has to put the product or service on center stage, but still be subtle enough that we're not bombarded with the brand/product/service name every few seconds. 

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Guess you know what we did next: searched, watched, and, now, share! Behold, seven really cool tech ads that we won't mind watching multiple times a day, even it means delaying the playing of our fave porn YouTube clips! 


Brand: LG
The brilliant idea: Scare the pants off of people with a next-gen display

 Imagine you're going to a job interview; you look fresh, and all decked out in your best corporate wear. You're ushered into an executive's office, and the standard process ensues—only you see something the Head Honcho doesn't.

Turns out an 84-inch display touting “Ultra Reality” can really dupe people. We're sure the job applicants are also actors, but they sold it well enough. But you know what? If we were the job applicant, and they did this to us, we'd be like that guy in 1:48, or go Terminator on their asses. Shit just got Ultra Real, indeed.

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Brand: Microsoft
The brilliant idea: Be adorable and hope for the best

The kid starring in this ad got it right with his first line: “No one can resist a sensible pitch.” And when you're trying to persuade nanay or tatay, it's best to use something they understand, and use often at work.

Yep, this cute ad of a boy using Microsoft PowerPoint to get his parents to get him a dog gets us every damn time—although we're not quite sure about that part about charts.

But, hey, it works! The adorkable Emma Stone agrees, as she was also able to convince her parents through a a PowerPoint presentation to let her move to Hollywood to pursue an acting career! Smart and pretty, she really is.


Brand: Samsung
The brilliant idea: Brew a bit of techie nostalgia to get the viewer's eyes and ears glued on the screen

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