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WTF! News: Barangay In Cavite Bans DoTA In Computer Shops

Is DoTA really that bad an influence that it deserves to be axed? Read on for these Caviteños reasons!
by Neps Firmalan | Jan 21, 2015
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Okay, okay. We know many parents (and girlfriends) are not exactly thrilled at the idea of their boys getting hooked on DoTA (Defense of The Ancients), that massively popular multiplayer game that steals many a student's lunch money. But we didn't expect it to be banned anywhere here in the Philippines. After all, it's all harmless virtual fun, right?

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Apparently, a barangay in Cavite disagrees andget thishas banned DoTA!

We shamelessly admit that we're DoTA players ourselves, so this bit of news made us say:

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According to a report from WhenInManila, an image of a computerized ordinance has surfaced which allegedly bans DoTA in computer shops in Barangay Salawag, Cavite.

We ain't kidding! Here's proof:

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If you look closely, it looks like it's got all the needed signatures. #Yari

If you look even closer, you'll know that the reasons behind the banning are:

  • Because through the years, DoTA has increasingly become the youth's fave game
  • Because playing DoTA has become a popular form of gambling and has caused trouble inside and outside of computer shops
  • Because, through DoTA's influence, the young ones have become more violent and has learned to cheat and steal
  • Because the Sangguniang Barangay wants to address the complaints of concerned citizens regarding the negative effects of playing DoTA

According to the ordinance, computer shops who will be found guilty of serving the game will have their operations suspended for one monthand that's just on the first offense!

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For those thinking this is just a creative and elaborate form of fakery made by pranksters, Barangay Salawag chief Enrico Paredes has confirmed the WTF-worthy news. “Sa aking mga kababayan, ginawa po natin itong barangay resolution dahil naniniwala kami na ito ang tama para sa mga kabataan,” Paredes said in a Facebook post.

We're not about to defend DoTA even though we think we've learned a great deal of good stuff from it, but this makes us ask: What's next? It's not only the popular and highly-addicting game around, you know.

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