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Bass Blastin' With the Sony MDR-XB900

Baby got bass!
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 3, 2013
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Headphones have been creating more buzz (oh yes, we intended that pun) recently, thanks to popular brands trying to make them bigger, better, and more attractive to audiophiles. Take for example, the Sony MDR-XB900. This bad boy screams "I'm one loud mutha!" both in its looks and the tunes it can pump out through its plus-sized cans. We recently took it for a spin to see what it could really do...and we weren't disappointed. Read on!

Of attraction and convenience

Sony MDR-XB900 reviewBox pa lang, ulam na!

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The first thing that will strike you when you see the MDR-XB900 is its size. It's big, or at least significantly larger than the average or pipitsugin headphones we normally use. Its size also reflects to something our ears will appreciate: louder tunes (we'll get to that in a bit). This device is built with a mixture of smooth plastic and metal, although the former is more prominent in the frame itself.

Sony MDR-XB900 reviewLook at the difference in size!

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The use of plastic shouldn't discourage you though. The whole thing looks premium and feels durable, with none of that rickety feel that will make you think it might snap or break with frequent use. Such is often the case with run-of-the-mill headphones found in your suking comp shop. We also liked the fact that the earpieces can swing 360 degrees, and can swivel and fold inwards for extra versatility in adjustment and easier storage.

More cushion for the boomin'

Sony MDR-XB900 review Leather pads, sosyal!

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After admiring its facade, it's time to give it a go! Before you get to put it on, you'll notice the urethane pads protecting the cans. They're really soft (read: sarap pisilin) but also firm enough to take some bangin'. Plus, the layer of leather covering them adds comfort and, not to mention, pogi points to the mix. This recipe ensures your ears won't ache after you wear it. Nice!

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