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Battle Royale Games That Will Satisfy Your Virtual Bloodlust

Run, gun, hack, and slash your way through these deathmatches
by Karen Mae De Vera | Apr 26, 2018
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Standard shooter games like Halo and the Call of Duty series have conditioned gamers to rack up the kill count. However, in Battle Royale, it’s about surviving until the end and sometimes requires biding your time. It’s not about how many you kill, but about choosing your battles. You could mow down almost half the competition but still lose the game if you get sniped.

Based on the plot of a 2000 Japanese film of the same name, the Battle Royale genre sets up a multiplayer free-for-all kill zone with a number of opponents ranging from a decent ten players to a ridiculous amount of a hundred (and even beyond). And for the uninitiated, the genre is notable for incorporating the “permadeath” mechanic, which raises the stakes so much higher. There’s no starting over—only death and destruction lay ahead! (Say goodbye to your reliable respawn points!) BR is the great equalizer as players start with nothing and must explore the open-world map to scavenge for equipment.

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And since you don’t need to level grind, these matches are a short-term commitment, which makes it easier to just jump into the gameplay. BR games also make for some entertaining video game streams as viewers can watch the carnage and enjoy the schadenfraude of seeing a haughty player get gunned down. And if by morbid curiosity, you want to join the bandwagon, then read on for the following Battle Royale games that will get you hooked for hours.

Rules of Survival

While other BR titles have been ported to mobile, ROS will most likely be less taxing on your device. And considering there are at least a hundred players (120, to be exact) per match, that’s no small feat. ROS has the standard mechanics such as choosing where to land as you parachute down, looting, and chasing the play zone.

Rust: Battle Royale

While most BR’s start everyone off with only the clothes on their back, Rust leaves you butt-naked in the wildnerness. You only have a torch, bandage, and map to your name as you scavenge for weapons and supplies.

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Last Man Standing

In this 100-player online battle game, you have the ability to customize your weapons to gain an advantage. The challenge is going around to scavenge for materials to use in order to place add-ons like scopes and silencers.


Channel House Greyjoy from Game of Thrones and partake in the gentlemanly pursuit that is naval warfare. It’s the same BR mechanics you know and love (sort of) except you’re on a giant ship and you also have to avoid sea monsters.

The Culling

In most BR games, you can just sneak around and wait for the competition to whittle down before making your move. But since The Culling is set in a Hunger Games-style dystopian game show, you are encouraged to kill for points so you can upgrade your skills.


Radical Heights

Go on a killing spree against a backdrop of acid-washed jeans, neon colors, and hairstyles that threaten the Ozone layer in this '80s-themed free-to-play game. You can punch cash registers for funds, order weapons using your clunky mobile phone, and look fashionably hip while pulling a Patrick Bateman on everybody!

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If you want to become a Survivor contestant without dealing with extreme sunburn or bugs crawling up your ass, then this is the perfect game! In this reality show set-up, you must escape the island by finding a relic, fending off the monsters populating the place, and competing against fifteen other contestants to claim one of the coveted three spots inside the helicopter. Using the mic is vital in order to talking other players into alliances. (Just make sure to put it on mute if you’re planning to betray your teammate!)

Darwin Project

Although this reality-show-style game only has 10 players at a time, there’s a unique feature, which helps it stand out from the heaps of BR titles being thrown at us. The Show Director Mode lets one player control a drone (that wouldn’t look out of place in Portal) that can control the battle arena. The Director can cut off access points, shoot projectiles, and announce a player’s location to its opponents. This game is definitely worth it for the powertripping potential alone.

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PUBG creator Brendan Greene had a hand in working on this before moving on to making his own game. There are 150 players in a match and it includes a crafting system wherein you can deconstruct materials to build equipment. The latest Auto Royale mode requires players to stay put inside vehicles while murdering each other. Bonus: You have the chance to ride around in an enormous tank. (Good times!)

Fornite Battle Royale

Fortnite catapulted into popularity after the record-breaking live feed featuring streamer Ninja and rapper Drake playing duo on said game. The video game stream had over a million concurrent viewers on YouTube. The cartoony graphics just make the violence all the more entertaining. This BR has a gathering and building aspect similar to Minecraft, which adds more combative strategies into the game. Will you build a fort and defend yourself from opponents or lay a trap for your foes? You can even craft a ramp to take you to hard-to-reach places where there could be hidden loot in store. But eventually, you’ll be forced to face your foes in close-quarters when the play zone gradually shrinks.

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Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

“Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!” You can’t deny the top spot to the OG game, which put the Battle Royale genre on the (open-world) map.

PUBG’s mechanics, such as the slowly approaching circle of doom that kills players with poisonous gas if they are outside of the play zone have been adopted into other BR titles. (It has prevented many a camper from taking cheapshots.) If you’re too chicken to go at it alone, PUBG also features duo and team mode, which will either fortify or destroy the friendship among gamer friends. And if the hypersensitive tracking devices found in standard shooters have spoiled you too much, then you will be in for a rude awakening. You can’t track your opponent on the map and must resort to listening for footsteps or vehicular rumbling, thus heightening the tension. You never know when death will greet you upon entering a “safehouse.” If you want a solid, bare-bones basic deathmatch that will bring out your survival instinct then PUBG knows “dey wey.”

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