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Battlefield: Bad Company 2

<p>A little bad company can be good for you</p>
| Mar 4, 2010
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The game makes you feel like you’re really part of the team, and that your part is as important as the roles of your teammates. It’s very satisfying to win as a team, rather than just seeing everyone go gung-ho and fight for oneself.

On the single player side, we’re very glad with Bad Company 2’s single-player campaign, because unlike the first game, it at least didn’t lull us to sleep. The A.I. has also been much improved, as are the visuals and the sounds, which we daresay, are even better than Modern Warfare 2.

Get a load of its environments, its sharply-rendered guns and gadgets (which all react realistically as well), and the shiny, shiny lighting, and you’ll swear you’ve never seen better.

Well, you probably have seen better, but Bad Company’s single-player campaign is just visually enthralling, action-packed, and sprinkled with just the right amount of humor to keep things from getting too Dark Knight-serious.

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The story, about a band of guys trying to save the world from a weapon of mass destruction, is typical. But, hey we never bought it for the story anyway. It’s the action we want, and it’s what we get.

All in all, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 continues 2010’s mean streak of great games. We just hope that you still have some money left when Final Fantasy XIII or God of War III roll around in a couple weeks or so.


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