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<p>A double dose of adrenaline!</p>
| Jan 7, 2010
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People never do get tired of fireworks, don’t they? We mean, it’s the same old flash of colors and pretty explosions year after year, but we simply still can’t take our eyes off them. [firstpara] The human eye is a sucker for flashy things, we suppose. And flashy this game, Bayonetta is.

Bayonetta is an over-the-top action game from Sega and Platinum Games, now on release for the Xbox 360 and the PS3. It's is like the Devil May Cry series, only slightly more insane, more frenetic, more absurd, and more manic.

It’s like the game has been given a direct line to a supply of adrenaline, resulting in non-stop action from the moment you boot it up. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Well trust us, it is.

Unlike Devil May Cry, however, Bayonetta doesn’t feature a macho male lead; instead, it puts you in the boots (which coincidentally have guns attached to them a la Planet Terror) of a hot witch, an element that we all welcome with open arms.

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Her long, flowing black hair is a killer too, and we don’t mean it in a shampoo-commercial kind of way. Get this: her hair can transform to a killer giant demonic dragon should the need arise, which consumes enemies like they were animal crackers. It’s awesome, it’s crazy fun, and this kind of thing sets the mood right for this game that really doesn’t take itself all that seriously.


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