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Easy tips for insta-fame!
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 26, 2012
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Ah, Instagram. If you're still not on it, Instagram is that wonderful photography app that’s making noobs look like they have mad photography skills. It's that app that postpones first bites of diners because hey! They did to take a photo of their burger or their kebab or their tocilog. And it's not enough to take a picture and upload. The fun takes full effect with its filters. Oh lord, the filters.

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Initially an iphone app, Instagram's become so popular that they had to put it on offer for Android users. From there, it must've doubled its popularity that even social media giant facebook had to be in it. A few months ago, facebook actually bought instagram for a good billion dollars. A good billion dollars.

So, makiki-uso kami. Here are a few dos and don’ts to help you earn rlikes and followers.


1. Experiment with filters

Laos na ang sepia. Filters is at the heart of instagram. You must know though that each filter has a particular use. Use Lo-Fi to bring out the colors in food photos. Valencia, to add that old school, washed out vibe. Constantly play with different filters and you'll be able to know which one to use for certain photos in no time through experience.

2. Get 3rd-party help

There’s a slew of other 3rd-party photo-editing apps that you can use like TiltShift, Color Splash, and Snapseed. The trick is to edit your photos with these apps first before uploading them to Instagram. This could result to even more unique images compared to if you just used Instagram solo.

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3. Pimp your mobile!

If you want to be an insta-pro, pimp your camera with accessories like a mobile tripod or maybe some smartphone lenses. These add-ons will upgrade your shooter's capability and add flexibility to your shooting sprees. This is especially useful for handsets which, as we all know, are still nowhere near the caliber of dedicated cams.

4. Zoom in or crop out!

A lot of good Instagram photos have a simple, minimalistic look, focusing on just one subject. Eliminate unnecessary elements on your photo and don’t be afraid to use the scaling/crop and zoom in features to do the trick. As they say, less is more.

5. Show off and share!

Joining and using Instagram will give you a community of fellow users you can interact with. Go one step ahead and boast of your Instagram exploits on both Facebook and Twitter. Remember, it’s not just about showing off; more interactions and online buds equates to a bigger chance of getting more tips and secrets in improving your online portfolio.

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