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Jun 8, 2015
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You can tell that an issue is a damn big deal if a website was built dedicated to it.

That's precisely the case for the giant Manila earthquake scientists and doomsayers have been harping about recently. We hate to break it to you, but it's just a matter of time before it shakes everything up, so it's essential we know more about this earth-shattering event.

We've given you a rundown of the scenarios that might happen when it all (literally) goes down, but because it won't hurt to get more details, we'd like to point you to the MMDA's fresh online creation: the Be Prepared Metro Manila (BPMM) website. Basically, BBPM is an online hub with the sole purpose of educating us all about "the big one."

Let's take a brief tour of it, shall we?

It's not the most creative-looking website out there (you could even say it's as boring as your grandma's stitching sessions), but it really doesn't have to look good. BPMM dons a no-nonsense facade with emphasis on easy access to its pages which is certainly much more important than online bling, especially in the face of danger. We dig the simple flash box (which mostly features photos of MMDA personnel in hard labor) though.

bpmm mmda

BPMM also lectures you in Earthquake 101 and tells you what you need to know about and the things you need to do before, during, and after the shaking.

bpmm mmda

The site has a dedicated section which shows via video what areas within the Greater Metro Manila Area are more at risk when earthquakes generated by the West Valley Fault arrive. Speaking of this huge crack on the ground...

bpmm mmda

This section of the BPMM discusses the West Valley Fault System which is expected to spawn a big earthquake in the future. You could also DL maps of the West Valley Fault System for offline viewing and sharing. Spread the fear knowledge!

bpmm mmda

The site also functions as an MMDA news resource when it comes to all things related to the Manila earthquake.

bpmm mmda

Apparently, the MMDA also has a project called Oplan Metro Yakal, an emergency operation which complements and supports the contingency plans of Metro Manila's LGUs (local government units) in the event of an earthquake. One of its primary aims is to identify safe venues for mass evacuation.

bpmm mmda

And if ever you're feeling particularly brave and helpful, BPMM has a sign-up page for those who want to become volunteers when disaster strikes. If you're at least 18 and willing to undergo a bit of training, then you're eligible!


bpmm mmda

There you have it, the MMDA's virtual portal for earthquake preparedness. We recommend you explore it even more by clicking here!